Tips to building a successful Public Relations Career ( Part 1)

For any venture, there are key factors that determine success. More so for a PR expert who hopes to make career development or success, there are sign posts or success steps that should not be ignored. They are simple tips needed for a leap in the PR world. Tag along as we break down these tips in series.

1. Stay curious, learn
As the old adage goes, curiosity may have killed the cat, but it makes star of a PR professional. No matter your level in the race, it is pertinent for you to constantly learn in order to stay on top of our industry. Never stop being curious! Don’t stop asking questions to verify what you know or seek to know what you don’t. There is always sense in every nonsense.
2. Be current with the news.
Make time to stay on top of current events. Read a newspaper (online or offline), set up news alerts. Listen to the radio; watch the news in the evening. Whatever approach you choose, it will make you more interesting and it will make you better at your job. Learn to leverage the current event or news for your clients.
3. Be details.
Nothing hurts the credibility of a pitch, a proposal, or a program like sloppy or avoidable mistakes. Meanwhile, people who become known for outrageous attention to detail become go-to people in a team. Be that person as a PR professional. It pays to read and re-read your work at least three times before publication. Be your own devil’s advocate in order to think things through and make sure you have covered all the angles. Double-check your calculations. Question your knowledge and challenge your assumptions.
4. Learn to juggle.
This one applies especially to agency folks, but it goes across the board. Learn how to prioritize, how to focus when you need to, and how to manage your time. Life in PR is a juggling act, and you need to know how to manage your workload and the expectations of your clients—however you define them.
5. Writing is your life.
Take the time to learn how to write well. Practice and learn from others. One of the ways to write well is to read good writers. Take a course if you need to. As a PR professional, you create content on the go.

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